Returning to Blogging

florence and kaitlan

I’ve been away.

I’d like to say that in a dramatic way that makes it sound like I was either on a romantic trip to tuscany or locked up in the looney bin. But I was neither.

I was doing the same old, same old, but a little different because 1) I finished college and 2) started the process of becoming yoga-certified.

I have lots of thoughts (lots and lots of them) and plan again on using this blog as a sort of diary, especially since I just started a three month sobriety challenge…

…stop laughing…

I’m serious. Maybe you’re wondering why I would ever do such a thing, especially as the above photograph makes non-sobriety look so fun. I’m asking myself the same question. Just kidding. I have lots of reasons, and I’ll be sharing them next week (and for the next three months) but there’s a great article about Hello Sunday Morning, the program I’m doing, on the New Yorker.

It’s been a really hard year (I feel like I say that every year) and the last couple of months have been particularly trying. I was in my shell and didn’t want to share any details but lately I’ve missed having this space as an outlet, so here I am!


(I’ve decided to ironically sign every blog post this way).


This has been me all winter

photo cred: via google images (I searched fat squirrels and wouldn’t you know it, that’s what I got)

This has been me all winter. And I was feeling sort of bad about it, particularly this morning when I decided to deal with the boxes of empty take out that have been decorating my floor and desk-space.

Then I felt doubly bad about it when I tried to put on a pair of pants that weren’t leggings.

But then I had this strange thought that this is all actually very funny.

There are probably some things that are so serious that I can’t or shouldn’t laugh when I encounter them, but gaining a few (this is surely putting it gently) pounds is not only wildly uninteresting to all the people I complain about it to, but also not that significant.

I’m fat*, so what, the squirrels are too. We’re hibernating and we need a little extra cushion this winter.

*so to speak

Read this article

I’m still on blogging hiatus for the next four weeks (can’t wait to graduate and actually have time for things I enjoy) BUT check this article out! I’m excited to see a rising trend in “average” sized models and while I can’t in good conscience blame the media for the entirety of my body-image issues, I do think the ridiculous skinny standard has had some terrible consequences. I’m excited to see what this year brings and also to return to the blogosphere next month. Until then, I’m a little obsessed with this model, check out her Calvin Klein campaign or just google search Myla Dalbesio  obsessively as I have all afternoon.

photo cred: via google images


Merry Christmas..sorry about the fudge

Doesn’t it feel like Christmas is over already? As of this afternoon I officially ate all the fudge that was supposed to be for the guests tomorrow (except the cranberry one…who makes cranberry fudge??) and had my fill of Christmas songs and movies. I think I’ve opened all of my presents too and while I still have some to give I don’t see how that’s more pleasurable than receiving.

just kidding. I couldn’t be more excited for tomorrow (certainly I have at least one present left??) I’ve been following the fat man and according to the news he just finished up in the Middle East. For some reason I think this is a problematic report but I can’t put my finger on why. And I lied I’m excited to see my parents open their gifts..a homemade inspo board + my own poem bc she doesn’t pin and a gift card to my dads fave pancake place with the understanding that he takes me. Mainly I’m hoping my nana hates the birchbox subscription I so generously set up for her and decides to give it to me.

I hope your day is full of love and homemade goodies (and secret anyone else tempted to turn their family dynamic into a sitcom?? Please someone pay me for this shit…kidding, again, unless you know somebody…)

I hope to be back blogging soon but my computer went blue and apple can’t fix it…until I drag ass to the store but how can I face the crowds this time of year??

Happy holidays :)