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I was trying to look french, hence the no bra situation…felt a lot cuter before I was chalk full of dessert

mummy and I had a dessert date, which is the best kind of date. there was pistachio cheesecake and this chocolate caramel thing. unfortunately the girl working was one I knew in high school and was a major bitch to. oops. I left a 75 cent tip as some sort of repentance. and said thank you about 1,000 times. sigh. I guess it was fine, we just pretended we didn’t know each other, which is always the best way out of those awkward reunions.


it’s very pleasing to have a life full of dessert and good company. (anyone who knows me knows I have a rather unhealthy attachment to my mother).

it’s also pleasing to have adventures, one of which I’m embarking on tomorrow! I’m headed to Blue Cliff Monastery for four days of meditating and probably not much else. I’m pretty nervous and excited but I won’t have internet so there will be no way to relay my experiences until Monday, when I return hopefully entirely zenned out (or ready to convert to catholicism?).

have a great weekend!


big thanks to rachael! and some links


this picture is entirely unrelated but in an effort to keep piglet’s memory alive I’ll be posting some throwback pictures. look how happy we were. she just loved when I played dress up with her.

big thanks to rachael for sharing my story on her blog! (check it out here). Rachel was a huge inspiration and one of the main reasons I started blogging. I definitely recommend checking out her amazing site!

other links I’ve been looking at lately:

  • do you live way inside your head? me too. which is fine (?) except that it’s not real: zenhabits on fantasies and no, not of the sexual variety
  • it’s getting to be career-thinking time (as if I haven’t been worried about this since I was like 10): incase you were thinking of selling out read this
  • teach me how to be fat? thats some reverse psychology
  • I’ve eaten like 5 blueberry muffins this week (and it’s only tuesday!!!). this recipe is vegan, low in sugar and looks amazeballs
  • incase you’re also feeling summerlazy, just a reminder you can do hard things
  • to sum up this article in an overly pessimistic manner: everyone’s life sucks just as much as yours



life update

  1. I’ve been a terrible blogger. oops. working on it.
  2. I’m still covered in an itchy gross rash…it’s probably just eczema or I’m allergic to alcohol (which would be more disappointing than I’d like to admit).
  3. I’ve spent the weekend with my boyfriend: meals out 4, meals cooked at home 1…oops, working on that as well
  4. today is my lucky day: found an umbrella next to the OC trivia game (it exists!!!) in  my boyfriend’s living room, and thus only get soaked from the knee down.
  5. last night I watched Bernie, with Jack Black, and found it incredibly disturbing (and hilarious). how Hollywood can get away with making a comedy out of a real murder is shocking.
  6. I’ve read and re-read this article and will be talking more about it shortly.
  7. the rest of today involves sorting out some paperwork to possibly graduate early (YAY!), writing some poems, and, as a reward, a drink out??? maybe.

happy monday

lawl congress says pizza is a vegetable



photo cred

yesterday my mother took me to see Fed Up, a documentary about how huge food corporations (with major lobbying power) are making us all fat and sick. it wasn’t a lot of stuff I didn’t know already (sugar is as addictive as cocaine, processed foods are the devil, etc.) but it was still a shocking and frightening reminder that the government is well aware of how dangerous processed foods are, but because they are funded by corporations like coca cola and kraft, they do not publish nutritional information that would threaten the sales of these foods. one such loophole is suggesting pizza is a vegetable because of the tomato sauce, so that it can still be served in school lunches, thus profiting the major corporation that supplies it.

people interviewed include marion nestle, gary taubes, and michael pollen, whom I think are pioneering a food revolution and definitely recommend checking out their books.

what was saddest of all was how kids are so negatively impacted by junk food and school lunches, and how their parents think they’re helping them by buying reduced fat crackers and breakfast cereals like honey nut cheerios.

the major take away is that we are being told lies about the obesity epidemic, blaming individuals for not “eating less and moving more” when really food corporations have to take responsibility for the ubiquity of their products, especially due to advertising.

I definitely recommend checking this out…it’s informative with cute diagrams/animations, interesting interviews, and is a stark reminder  of what is at stake unless we change which foods are in the market. it’s inspired me to be more vigilant about processed foods, especially granola bars and junky chocolate– they’re so easy but so not worth it.

if anyone else has seen it I’d love to hear your input.

also, I got a chuckle out of the couple in front of me watching intently while eating a massive bag of popcorn, candy, and soda. pretty puzzling indeed.