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lawl congress says pizza is a vegetable



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yesterday my mother took me to see Fed Up, a documentary about how huge food corporations (with major lobbying power) are making us all fat and sick. it wasn’t a lot of stuff I didn’t know already (sugar is as addictive as cocaine, processed foods are the devil, etc.) but it was still a shocking and frightening reminder that the government is well aware of how dangerous processed foods are, but because they are funded by corporations like coca cola and kraft, they do not publish nutritional information that would threaten the sales of these foods. one such loophole is suggesting pizza is a vegetable because of the tomato sauce, so that it can still be served in school lunches, thus profiting the major corporation that supplies it.

people interviewed include marion nestle, gary taubes, and michael pollen, whom I think are pioneering a food revolution and definitely recommend checking out their books.

what was saddest of all was how kids are so negatively impacted by junk food and school lunches, and how their parents think they’re helping them by buying reduced fat crackers and breakfast cereals like honey nut cheerios.

the major take away is that we are being told lies about the obesity epidemic, blaming individuals for not “eating less and moving more” when really food corporations have to take responsibility for the ubiquity of their products, especially due to advertising.

I definitely recommend checking this out…it’s informative with cute diagrams/animations, interesting interviews, and is a stark reminder  of what is at stake unless we change which foods are in the market. it’s inspired me to be more vigilant about processed foods, especially granola bars and junky chocolate– they’re so easy but so not worth it.

if anyone else has seen it I’d love to hear your input.

also, I got a chuckle out of the couple in front of me watching intently while eating a massive bag of popcorn, candy, and soda. pretty puzzling indeed.

pieces of compost

pretty pieces of compost

and other things I learned while at this poetry conference:

2. bug spray is not optional in summertime new hampshire

3. art is everywhere– car trunks, bathroom windows, compost bins

4. poets are  my type of people…two adults cried publicly before noon today and this is not unusual

5. even beer will you get drunk at 3pm

6. buffets are not my friend




*okay, not everything about her is miss-able. for example, she loved licking my leg right after I put on lotion and right after she ate a huge pile of her own shit. she barked incessantly, but especially when someone was eating and she wasn’t. there was the time I was walking barefoot on the rug and found my foot in her feces. she liked to chew things up that were important– grocery lists, diaries,  the crotch of my underwear, etc. and she was the only dog in the world who had to be escorted outside or else she’d get so distracted eating grubs and rotten apples that she’d forget to go to the bathroom.

but despite all of this I’m very sad to say Piglet passed away this morning. she was scrappy for 91, loving and loyal (except when she bit me for trying to clean her ears). but, as my mother said, she lived a full life, even with one eye. it’s so hard to accept the impermanence of life, but if things weren’t always changing, ending, and dying there would be no beginnings, no newness, and therefore no life.

I was away from the house this morning and I’m not sure what it would’ve been like to find her dead in my bed. I almost wish I could’ve because I think sometimes we shelter ourselves too much from these realities.

We’ll be having a memorial for her when I’m home from this poetry extravaganza (more on dat later). I don’t have much else to say except I loved her and am really going to miss her.

it’s just not the right weather for a bob



it seems that when one thing goes wrong lots of other things go wrong too.

1) the car refused to start

2) Piglet is sick and so since the car refused to start I have to walk her to the vet and so since she’s sick she can’t walk, which means I’m borrowing the neighbor’s baby stroller and pushing her like some sort of sick pet owner.

3) also, it’s just not the type of weather for a bob. with the humidity I’m starting to look like Fran and while her humor is spectacular, she’s not exactly my style icon.

4) and finally, I went to make oatmeal this morning and severely misjudged the milk-to-oat ratio, leaving me with a grey lumpy soup.

oy it’s monday (i say that as if everyday isn’t the weekend for me).