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image via cosmopolitan.com

found this little gem in the September cosmo and it’s a must read. 


we could acknowledge that right now we feel like a piece of shit and not be squeamish about taking a good look.”

lawl, Pema gets it. I’ve been a little mia with the blog, taking a good look is sort of an internal process.

hey it’s okay…

photo from W magazine

photo from W magazine

  1. not to look like this…not on a good hair day or a skinny tuesday or any day…ever.
  2. to be happy being alone/single/un-partnered/etc. with no desire to change your status or engage with the opposite sex unless they’re your dentist…or father
  3. to go to the movies by yourself with one of those supersized tubs of popcorn and a nerds rope because you are bound and determined to see a rom-com, and What If looks about as good as that genre can get, and because of #2
  4. to be secretly happy that it’s not looking like summer anymore. everyone is bemoaning the hint of fall but sun = wrinkles and humidity = frizzy hair. plus, fall clothes > skimpy jean shorts that give me a full camel hoof.

hey, it’s not okay…

  1. to still have the iPhone 3. COME ON MOM
  2. to purposely avoid a run in with family members in town by ducking into a storefront and hiding until they pass.
  3. to go to bed at 930 pm and wake up at 10 am (I’m either regressing to an infant or about to turn 75…HELP).

this is how you pick a green bean


one of the things on my summer list of things to do was volunteer at the CSA farm and yesterday mummy and I did. I got down and dirty with the green beans and was all sorts of judgmental; they can’t be too fat or too curved or too light or too thin. I was like Goldylocks looking under leaves, picking and discarding the wrong ones until I found the perfect green bean to add to my basket. It was pretty outside my comfort zone: kneeling in the dirt, befriending bugs, etc., but I actually liked it. I don’t want to do it everyday but I think I’d return to the farm for a quiet hour or two with the vegetables. Also it’s the most sun I’ve gotten all summer and I’m finally starting to not look like a ghost.